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are you processing anger and hatred

This draft was sitting here for a while and the only thing I had ready was the title. Surprisingly, the reason why I'm writing this now is because I am mad. I guess you can say that my past self may have predicted this moment. Or I am perpetually trying to hide all of my anger.. shining, shimmering, my fury simmers unseen.  [proceeds to twerk to Lil Wayne's How to Love ] ----------------------- Hello. I was feeling sleepy 15 minutes ago but then I found myself crying on my bed because of weird comments my dad keeps making about me and my life. Usually these types of things he says, I can easily brush them away. But I think I have reached a point where I don't like hearing them anymore. It's always the same comments too -- me gaining weight, how women are weak, and asking me about marriage and children. I love my dad. But sometimes I feel like he still carries the curse boomers passed on to him. I don't blame him either because the type of content he gets on social

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