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we are the people we don't like

Sometimes I watch clips of Sesame Street.  It makes my day a little better.  -------------------------------------------------- Hello internet friends, Today was extra quiet so I wanted to write here and talk to you. Some things are just better said when you have an audience. Is this a one-way relationship? I mean - I don't plan on getting to know you.. I think this setup is perfectly fine. I'd like to think we both reap fruits from whatever this is -- I am fulfilling my need to perform and tell a story and you are.. well you're just here to read about someone else's life.  We are both using each other. I just hope that in some way, I am helping you. You know, like a spirit guide. Except I am a 27 human, confused, and have no idea how to read a map. I am probably your  worst spirit guide .  ## I changed a lot. I used to share a lot of things in my life to you guys (or on social media), but now I realized that some of the stuff I have been sharing was mostly a bunch of n

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