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drunken monologues part vii (but it's all me)

I am grateful I document my life for people's (and my own) entertainment. ------------------------------------------------------ Hello and welcome to another drunken monologues post.  This will be different from the other posts I made because everything in here is extracted from my  Keep Notes, and they're all dreams and nightmares. I edited some sentences because these were all written immediately after waking up with one eye open.  I also changed the names and will not explain who they are to keep the out-of-context-yy essence of drunken monologues. I kept the dates. Enjoy. JULY 4 2020 Another vivid dream. My brother passed a science school. My uncle, Pablo, was there and he was bragging Kirk to everybody. Richard Gomez was some sort of principal. Daniel had AIDs. (He wanted to have sex with me but I didn't because I felt like it was wrong, and also he had bubbly shit coming out of his stomach) It was implied that I worked for Mr. Gomez as some sort of student assistan

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