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who is REALLY ready for good things to happen?

Congratulations. You have witnessed ten solid years of my life via the internet. Unfortunately, I have no prize for you. I can't even promise friendship. But you get content.. that you can read, and I am happy there are people who still love reading. ------------------------------------ I am slowly learning to socialize again. I'm attending social events and trying to shake the nonessential awkwardness off every time I get to talk to new faces.  The voices are still deafening - but happier, more charismatic, and surprisingly - pleasingly assertive. I think I am a better friend to myself compared to the previous years.  I hope you feel that somehow. More importantly, whatever is clouding your head right now, I hope that you conquer it. I mean your records probably show you've conquered a lot already so..  I've always thought that traveling and moving from one place to another would give me a bunch of information about [the place] - where the nearest cafe is or where to e

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