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pov: u are dating me

70s guitar riffs the “boogie” and the“groove” the kind of orange u only see when the real orange starts to fade michael jackson reverbs & auto-tunes alliterations being a romantic flowers ‘Sunny’ bats peanut butter banana choco sandwich hurricanes sea breeze looped lyrics escorting you to the end of the song prince of egypt angry mob cassandra cain the moon during daytime every guardian in sailor moon eyes that are about to cry giving up scenes in movies children smiling because they feel loved pesto pasta spongebob squarepants making people smile and laugh dylan's ghost indoor maxi dresses mountain dirt frogs singing in the rain awkward silence tanging ina conan + kevin hart + ice cube bongwater detergent smell that makes me cough mean jokes petroleum jelly the word “jelly” lawrence arabia’s apple pie bed søren kierkegaard well-written gospels film leaks war paints marina dizon glitter impromptu dance parties everyone in my head putting on a show crayons stealing coasters stir

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