who is REALLY ready for good things to happen?

Congratulations. You have witnessed ten solid years of my life via the internet.

Unfortunately, I have no prize for you. I can't even promise friendship. But you get content.. that you can read, and I am happy there are people who still love reading.

I am slowly learning to socialize again. I'm attending social events and trying to shake the nonessential awkwardness off every time I get to talk to new faces. 

The voices are still deafening - but happier, more charismatic, and surprisingly - pleasingly assertive. I think I am a better friend to myself compared to the previous years. 

I hope you feel that somehow. More importantly, whatever is clouding your head right now, I hope that you conquer it. I mean your records probably show you've conquered a lot already so.. 

I've always thought that traveling and moving from one place to another would give me a bunch of information about [the place] - where the nearest cafe is or where to eat the best kwek-kwek - but no. The only real knowledge I get is consistently about me. 

I think that's a human thing to do? I assume that most people would understand what I mean.

Anyway recently, I learned that I genuinely love myself. 

There are GIFs for everything??!??


On a different note, I'm playing Animal Crossing. It's such a wholesome game. I thought people loved this game because of its adorable design but there's just more to it (!!!!!!!) - it's allowing you to express and imagine a version of your perfect world. 

I think the dialogue and the randomness of it carry most of the charm. What NPCs say is something that catches me off guard and most of it is kindness

This is a bad example 

This game made me realize that growing up, the world always taught me how to fight and battle. 

I feel like we're always ready for war but no one is really ready in receiving kindness or generosity or love or care or anything good. 

We get surprised and it's such a good feeling, isn't it? Maybe that's why giving genuine service and unconditional favors feels good too. 

But I'm not saying we should unlearn defending and fighting - no. These are still useful skills, and like any skill, we must also use them wisely. 

[Hmm.. maybe that's why Animal Crossing and Diablo 3 are my favorite video games.] 

LOVE xoxoxoxoxo,


Just Another Day by Lady Gaga
My Life by Billy Joel
Bird Song by Florence + The Machines
The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
Ive Got a Question by The Naked Brothers Band


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