we are the people we don't like

Sometimes I watch clips of Sesame Street. 

It makes my day a little better. 


Hello internet friends,

Today was extra quiet so I wanted to write here and talk to you. Some things are just better said when you have an audience. Is this a one-way relationship? I mean - I don't plan on getting to know you.. I think this setup is perfectly fine. I'd like to think we both reap fruits from whatever this is -- I am fulfilling my need to perform and tell a story and you are.. well you're just here to read about someone else's life. 

We are both using each other. I just hope that in some way, I am helping you. You know, like a spirit guide. Except I am a 27 human, confused, and have no idea how to read a map. I am probably your worst spirit guide


I changed a lot. I used to share a lot of things in my life to you guys (or on social media), but now I realized that some of the stuff I have been sharing was mostly a bunch of nonsense. But.. the good thing about it though, is how you are able to assume what kind of person I am based on tiny details about myself. I don't blame you for liking me. Everything I put up here is well-curated and honest, and even to me, that's a turn-on.

But as much as I like performing in this safe space, I think I have to shut up every once in a while. And keep everything to myself. My life flows better that way.

Or Idk, maybe I'll train myself to speak in riddles and finally be the wise woman I aspire to be. I see her every now and then.. usually in the bathroom mirror. She still cries a lot.

She's a work in progress. 


I had a deep conversation with my friend the other night, she wasn't feeling too well. Mentally and emotionally. I was very happy she reached out. I care about her a lot. I felt guilty because I haven't been reaching out to some folks I care about lately because I felt like I was too much for them.

Too much energy.
Too much talking.
Too much Kyla.

I think my whole process of being "better" in life was clouded by this idea na I have to do everything on my own. We are, for the most part in life, alone but I guess it's a mistake for me to assume how someone feels about me. I was mad for a bit.. at my friend because she didn't reach out sooner.. 

"I was shy and didn't wanna be a bother."

^ I am also this person


This blog was written in, like, four weeks. Wtf. I keep changing the title. 

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Go to sleep. Geez. 

LOVE (always)


Uhaw by Dilaw 
Breakup Haircut by Danny and Alex
Love It or Leave It by Tess Henley
Exitlude by The Killers
Antisocial by Current Blue


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