pov: u are dating me

70s guitar riffs
the “boogie” and the“groove”
the kind of orange u only see when the real orange starts to fade
michael jackson
reverbs & auto-tunes
being a romantic
peanut butter banana choco sandwich
sea breeze
looped lyrics escorting you to the end of the song
prince of egypt
angry mob
cassandra cain
the moon during daytime
every guardian in sailor moon
eyes that are about to cry
giving up scenes in movies
children smiling because they feel loved
pesto pasta
spongebob squarepants
making people smile and laugh
dylan's ghost
indoor maxi dresses
mountain dirt
frogs singing in the rain
awkward silence
tanging ina
conan + kevin hart + ice cube
detergent smell that makes me cough
mean jokes
petroleum jelly
the word “jelly”
lawrence arabia’s apple pie bed
søren kierkegaard
well-written gospels
film leaks
war paints
marina dizon
impromptu dance parties
everyone in my head putting on a show
stealing coasters
stir fried anything
carigara accent
melanie c
"do you want to do nothing with me?"
long walks
coca-cola commercials
falsetto backup singers
secret saxophone solos
lipsync battles with myself
expensive dark chocolates from marks & spencers
paris hilton gaze
convincing you that science and magic are the same
airport codes
a montage of all the times i almost died
birthday cakes
vitamin c
gig beers
sedimentary rocks
offset paper
hot coffee
acacia trees
elmo interviewing babies
unnecessary twerking
snare drum march


In case you missed it - Unwrapped is on YouTube 

A very late greeting - happy new year! Thank you for stopping by.


Superstar by Jamelia
Say You'll Be There by Spice Girls
Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast
Swamp Time! by mmmonika
Ocean Man by Ween 


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