Guess What?

It's my soul mate's birthday.




...gotta help me out, 
It's all a blur last night...

Happy birthday, Garnetstoned-Bitchslappin'-Jinxbuddy-CoEverything-Techy-Drunk-in-Love-Girl!

*shifts to third person point of view*

For those who don't know, Yssa's the awesome-est bitch ever.

Unfortunately, I can't celebrate with her personally because she's 300 kilometers away from me-- that is if I take the Toledo-Tabuelan road, according to Google Map. But for the record, I don't see the difference anyway. I mean, we talk to each other every day and every night; we're each other's diary

I met her in college. We didn't really start off real close because I never paid much attention to her. One thing I know is that her outfits were sick-- in a good way of course-- she's shy. Really shy. Very shy. Weirdo shy. She ate her boogers in the corner of the classroom one time and that turned me on. 

That won't turn me on.

Anyway, we started hanging out ever since I asked her a pretty dumb question: "What's the first verse of Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry?" and that actually occupied her mind for a while until it drove her crazy trying to figure out the lyrics. And the rest was history- Yssa became my partner in everything. She was my first ever co-director and she's even better than me. My other BFFs were even jealous of the relationship we have. But Yssa's not a replacement or anything. I never replace people's roles in life (except my ex which is a different story). And speaking of jealousy, her boyfriend, Regie (Hi, Regie! Hahaha) thinks I'm threatening to him too. I guess its normal. Don't worry, I don't have plans stealing her from you Regie, she loves you more than anything so...

Yssa lost her best bestiest best friend during Yolanda. But I knew their friendship would have been or would remain stronger still. I know the feeling of losing someone you love and it hurts like hell every single day. And that's why I don't take her for granted, in fact... I don't take anyone for granted anymore.

And you guys shouldn't too!

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you, bitch.

*shifts to second person point of view*


Vigan. Concerts. Cube cars. I don't want to share all our secrets and dreams in this blog post but I promise you- pinky toe promise- that those shit will happen. And if not, I know everything else otherwise will be better because that's how life works. Thanks for everything; from being a mother to being my conscience. Thanks for the laughter and the tears. Mostly tears. Ha-ha. I hope we won't get tired of each other because you are my wonderwall, Yssa. That's true. Corny, but it's true...

You are of course, to be honest, one of the reasons why I haven't killed myself yet. So keep living because maybe--

--maybe I will do the same.



Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry
Yellow by Coldplay
Wonderwall by Oasis
I Would Do Anything by Foster The People
Charlie Brown by Coldplay


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