Ground Control to Major Kyla

If your daughter doesn't stop screaming in the next 30 seconds, I swear to God I wil- &@#!%?!?&#




It's midterm week but I have far more problems to attend to. But hold up! Waitwaitwait- I won't talk about those problems right now. Please stay. I need you to hear me out because I have these voices that are dying to be heard.

Or in this sense-- to be read.

1) Fake happiness is real and it happens to everyone. Your brain can trick you that you're happy but when the smile fades, you WILL eventually realize that you're not happy. It was just a big joke. And it's not funny, it's sad.

2) David Bowie's death is another reminder not to take people for granted and his song Space Oddity-- may it be about isolation or drugs-- it will make you cry.

Major Tom | Not my art

3) Dad doesn't know what's going on with my life or with my feelings but he will always know what to say. I have to admit, he's one terrible confidante but at the very end of the day, he will make me feel better and I love him very very much. And I tell him everyday.

4) Sometimes I want to be alone because seeing certain people or being exposed to familiar surroundings make me unhappy. They remind me of the pain they have caused me so I avoid them. And to be honest, I feel like a coward and I am not proud of it. Not at all.

5) Batman is right: sometimes we don't need to prove something to ourselves. Because people will see what we're capable of anyway. We are our worst critics and we won't be satisfied with what we do no matter how much effort we put into it. So stop. You're awesome.

6) Love is still the answer. Sad, but its true.

7) My classmate lost her mom on Christmas eve. Sometimes its great to have someone who feels the same things you do-- but this is not one of those great things. 

8) In My Life by The Beatles is a beautiful song. Play it when you have a bad day. 

9) I don't want to put a lot of effort on things that I am unsure of. But I learned that there's no harm trying. It will hurt but it's suppose to. My parents taught me to give up and its okay. It's not try and try until you succeed, its try and try until all resources were used-- try and try until you get tired of trying.

10) If two people are meant to be, they will be. But not if you force it. That "We have to work things out...", one day that will be a regret.

I have superpowers and they suck.


Heroes by David Bowie
In My Life by The Beatles [Smooth Jazz Version]
Death Of a Bachelor by P!@TD
You'll Be Safe Here by Rivermaya
So Far Away by Carole King


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