The Friend Zone

I hereby sentence you to be my friend.



Am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?

You know before this post goes to far, whoever you are, girl or boy, I just want you to know that the friend zone is not a lifetime prison cell. That means you can choose not to be friends and just go on with your life.

That is, if you're strong enough.
But in any case if you're not: good luck.

Ah, the friend zone. It's the second most common place in this world next to the Great Wall of China. I made that fact up so don't answer that to your Geography teacher. 


I have this guy friend who  pretty much been to multiple zones of friendship already and he's really confused on what he might be doing wrong. Well, to break it down to him as a prosecutor of friendzoning people, I have one answer that implies to all: she's not just not that into you. 

'Cause you see, girls are crazy. And its not a hyperbole, its true. Girls are crazy and complex and weird and psychotic. Look, I'm a girl and I can verify that. Trust me. So no matter how much effort or how much sweat and blood you exhaust to impress a woman, it won't win her if she's not attracted to you.  Same goes to guys. Guys are not that crazy, though. They like getting pros and cons before they jump into a relationship. If the blood and sweat does work then either: 1) she felt pity or 2) he's totally confused or 3) its a miracle. You can research all you want in the internet about why some people are prosecutors of friend zone but they all come down to not being romantically attracted to the other person. 

Which is by the way not your problem so don't go jumping off a building or changing your preferred gender. That's a stupid move.

"Both the prosecution and the defense have now rested their cases. The attorney will now present their final arguments. Please remember, what the attorneys say is NOT evidence. However, do listen closely. They are intended to aid you in understanding the case. Prosecution, you may begin."

As much as people don't want to hurt you, they eventually will if not intentionally. It's even harder to find the right words or the right things to say to sugarcoat the hideous fact that a relationship is not possible between the both of you. But if you truly love a person, not being in a relationship won't stop you from loving that person. It's stupid but it's human. I guess you just have to know your limits. You can choose to continue to love her/him or just move on. Just be wise in making decisions because some things are harder to change than usual. My point is, one way or another you'll get hurt and you have to choose the right kind of hurt for you.

"Defense you may proceed with your closing argument."

F--- you.
I'm kidding.

I guess we'll just find the best playlist for this situation then.

Bottom line is: don't let one girl/guy ruin your perspective in love. 
There's nothing wrong with you.



(You Drive Me) Crazy by Britney Spears
If You're Wondering by Weezer
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Funhouse by P!nk
Sugar We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy


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