Anak ng Pu-

It's berberberber-months! I smell Christmas.
And my dirty socks...

...and my sweaty shirt...
...and my vinegar breathe...
...and- well, I don't recognize that smell but it's as bad as the others.

*flips hair*



Sorry about my manners, I just couldn't help it.

Missed me? Of course you did. Here I am derping on the internet realizing that I haven't blogged in a while. To top it off: I caught a fever. I spent most of the last two weeks doing school stuff and it's not over. I doubt it will ever be. Not to mention the overtimes we render at work. We badly need people.

With Kyle | Photo by Miss A

But behind it all, I still keep up on life even though my shoes are all weary and muddy from the rain. And I mean that both literally and metaphorically. I hope you're keeping up with your life, too.  What's up with you? Troubles? Problems? Nightmares? Whatever it is, I hope you're making a way to survive it. When life gives you dbags, be a b!tch. Vice versa.

(But, Kyla.. hooow?)

Well to start, I need you to sit straight. You don't want to solve your problems being a potato.

Get inspired and motivated. 
Reward yourself. 
List the perks you'll get when you get things done. I mean, it doesn't mean you have to have a boyfriend or a love life to motivate you. 

Look, what inspires and motivates me are the people who believe me. Making my friends and family smile is rewarding enough. It may be a #foreveralone kind of thing but hey, you accomplish more when you do things on your own...


Which is why you have to balance it out by asking a helping hand. 'Cause there's nothing wrong with a little help. As long as you're not being manipulative and abusive. Don't be a hero when you can't even save yourself from that Math homework. After all, two heads are better than one. 

Just don't drag people down with you, nakakahawa 'yan.

And sorry if it doesn't work. If motivation and people aren't helping then maybe you have to find the root cause to why you're such in mess. Maybe it's you or your perspective. I don't know. 

I don't have the answer to everything. 
Problema mo na 'yan.


Antukin by Rico Blanco
Ha Ha Ha by Eraserheads
Panalangin by Apo Hiking Society
Ikaw ang Aking Mahal by Brownman Revival
 Sumayaw, Sumunod by VST and Company

Thanks for the nominations for Bloggys 2015. I sorta know 6 people who nominated me but I almost got 20 notifications. I'm flattered.

I hope you have an awesome day! :D


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