Lilies still smell great..

..even though they're slowly dying.

Someone asked me a question the other day: is this the life you've dreamed of? I couldn't answer him directly so I smiled, shook my head and looked down. But when he departed, he left the question echoing inside my brain like a jury about to judge me whenever I'll figure out what my answer would be. So I'm passing the question to you: is this the life you've asked for?



You know how you find yourself zoned out in the abyss of life and things keep flashing in your mind and they slowly become meaningless; every thing you did feels like nothing and you start to think how useless you've become and how you useless you'll ever be. But the truth is, you're not useless. Someone needs you. It may not be the way you dreamed of being needed but a part of it still holds true.

Someone needs your wits to pass a test.
Someone needs your charms for profit.
Someone needs your hair.
Your lips.
Your history.
Your memory.
Your belief.

We live to be needed.
We live by the fact that someone or something needs us.

We start to gain our purpose and stand for it and fight for it.

My mother needs me to blah blah...
The company needs me because of blaaaah...
My girlfriend needs me so much that I have to blaaaah blaaaah...
The government needs me BLAH BLAH BLEH...
Gotham needs me nananana...

Because at some point, that's how we define ourselves. We label ourselves by how useful we are. And
that's the shitty truth: we claim to be useless when someone no longer asks for our service, no longer asks for us.

But that's the beauty of it.
'Cause it life teaches us not to be selfish.
To share what we have: good or bad.
To share a part of us to someone, to the world.

Our mistakes.
Our lessons.
Our experiences.
Our weaknesses.

We need each other.
So don't be a killjoy.
Act your part and face the truth that someone needs me as much as they need you.



Red by Taylor Swift  
Free Fall Into Love by Marion
Dance Without the Music by Yeng Constantino
One by U2
 Til It Happens To You by Lady Gaga



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