Is it just me or the rain makes you think so deeply.

I was wondering how people became sarcastic most of the times. I know it's kind of annoying when someone asks you some obvious question but do we really have to answer them in a biting way? Although making fun of people without their knowledge is sort of, amusing I myself had fun during the times I do sarcastic things but ever since a guy friend of mine actually believed  I like him, I felt guilty. It was a mean move, I know. Sorry, dude. So, while looking outside the window, raining, it occurred to me: I must stop this. Stop humanity from the mocking each others' opinion. I must lessen the chances of sarcasm and restore the friendly and nice way of responding to a whoever I talk to.  But if he/she still asks something sooooooooo stupid, I may have to give up.

I'm with my sister. She thought I might mention her on this post. So, yeah. I just did it.


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