EARTHLY DUTIES!!! I salute you, Nature!

Hey, Blogger. I just wanna show you snapshots of what happened on the 22nd of March, 2012. We planted trees. Trees on our school mountain. Or hill, as some may address it. The National Greening Program asked us to participate this yearly event to attain 3 billion trees, I guess, like, on 2016. And, of course, it was a requirement for our clearance. As boring as it may sound, trying to climb the steep part of the mountain slope made some people wanna end the day ASAP. While others, like us, laughed it off and had a great time trying to slide (both accidentally and purposely) on the muddy hill since a bunch of cute guys were ready to lend a hand. Ha-ha! Kidding. But seriously, the day was so full of excitement and I will never forget it. 

Commanding Officer: Mary Ann and Jesus


Our Class President, Maurice

Me, planting my Cocoa tree
 Don't worry about the dead leaves. They were purposely placed there for them to decay and, like, serve as fertilizers.

Underneath that we're SMILING


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