Monday Schedule

Gossip people. There's nothing else to talk about rather than ex's and current boyfriends. I wasn't in the circle, I mean, I can't contribute any experiences.

 Me? I was forced to sketch weird things.

 Although, some girls who have boyfriends remained in their seats and had the heart to keep my boredom away. It was Monday, usually you'd expect a bunch of things to do, but that day was just plain boring.

 Until Edna came over and brought me cookies! Which by the way was the best cookie I ever had.

 A sunny afternoon at Leyte National High School...

 Weather, I don't get you.

Time check: 5:30 p.m
A time for us girls to plant our fruit-bearing tree.

While men make tree guards aka  the thing that supports the tree while it grows.

 We feel Eco-friendly. Wait, we are.

To end my school-day, it was fate that my friends we're there to unwind it.
Faith and Chrisaline. Lyra went home xD
As it turned out, while typing these letters, I therefore conclude that that wasn't so bad of a Monday after all. Especially when I went home and came across the fridge to see CHOCOLATES.


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