I miss yah, dude! On the past few days I was nothing but a busy bee. And if you think I'm over reacting, I'm not. From Monday to Sunday, we spent 3/4 of our days in school. Oh yes. Imagine all those days of sleepless nights and haggard days due to piles of homeworks, overdue projects, series of appointments and a lot of ACTIVITIES! Non-stop. I even feel that I get older by the second.
Bb. Kalikasan 2012 Our candidate, Rica.
Practical Test: Boogie Woogie Dance [I got exempted on the MAPEH test for dancing so well, though]

 But, alas! Yesterday was the FINAL exam!!! And we are finally getting ready for college (and SUMMER). Wow. Four years of high school and believe me, it was enough! On the next few days we will be busy on other things non-academic like, paperwork we need for college and our graduation song and Senior's Ball. Ahh... the ball. The last night all senior's go crazy, wild and mad! HA-HA! Excited, but let me just tell you how happy I am for surviving this life so far... Let's get crazy!

I'll make sure I'll blog about what will happen this upcoming week, blogger. PROMISE.



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