Look! A lucky Popsicle Stick!

Photos are by Kyle Durano from here and beyond this blog post~
I had a great day with you, Kyle.


Hello lovers!

The grandest bazaar in the Metro Cebu finally set fire to the heating summer season. If that's not hot enough, the fact that they invited top bloggers all over the country to be the guest clearly makes sense for you to come.

WHEN: April 15-16, 2016, @11am

So, WHAT is Pop District, you ask? 

It's basically one of the three major bazaars happening this year in the city. The next event will be this September and December. The main reason why the bazaar is happening is for the shoppers to be stress-free on a particular environment they can all agree on. 

The bazaar features Cebu-grown products on different booths which are classified into three major categories: food, fashion and arts & crafts.



And WHY do you need to go there?

Well, if blogging and sales are your thing then-- by all means, you really need to go there.

It's a guarantee: you will have fun! And you get to buy lots of useful (and cute stuff). Hurray!

That's me. Obviously.

Live music from local bands will be performing, too. 

You'll also get the chance of meeting new people and earn friends. Ooooor if you're lucky enough, you get a glimpse of your ex and realize he/she wasn't worth anything at all. You are waaaaay better off without him!

Kyle, di 'ba?

Haha. Surprise photo of the day! The swap:
What are you waiting for? If you missed out today-- there is still a tomorrow! You're never too late for some shopping-- I mean, some fun!

Vern and Verniece

Kryz Uy

Twinning with Kyle

Oh and before I close this blog post, one of the major sponsors-- Uber Cebu gave us a free ride home. It was such a great experience! Thank you so much, Santiago (our driver haha) and thank you, Uber! Get a load of my cyber kisses-- mwaaaah!

Now, let the intern sleep.
She has a big date tomorrow. And it's not with Adobe anymore.



Every Woman in the World by Air Supply
Valerie by Amy Winehouse
You're Beautiful by James Blunt
Gravity by John Mayer
Stay With Me by Sam Smith


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