Beating The Heat

Last Monday was dad's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Pa!

You're doing a great job raising the royal family.



Everybody who knows me will probably understand how I can find myself derping deep on the internet jumping from one topic to another. Most of the times I find myself on a website reading some weird thing about aliens and conspiracy theories OR maybe I'll be in the scary part of YouTube again.

But there are itsy bitsy moments where I find myself somewhere legit like news websites. Which leads me to a rock fact: Nature Climate Change has recently claimed that Earth got warmer by 2.5°C and could put at risk an average of $2.5 trillion, or 1.8%, of the world’s financial assets.

I'm not concerned about the financial assets here; what troubles me is that our planet needs ice cream and we can't give it one.

I feel guilty eating ice cream kanina.

I'm not going to give you tips on saving the Earth because WE ALL KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD DO AND WE MUST BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO COOPERATE

Instead-- I'll give you secrets on surviving the heat this summer because, boy-- it's hot even at night! 

1.) Hydration. 

Drinking water is by far the most important thing you could do to your body. The systems inside you need it and forgetting to drink will eventually lead to tons of bad things like fainting, ventilating and dry skin.

So always carry a bottle of water around whenever you go outside. Also, spraying water or dabbing on your skin will help you hydrate too.

2) Sun shield and moisturizers

Okay, whether you're going to the beach or not, you definitely need sun screen. Sunburn can vary from mild to severe. Serious sun burn can lead to sickness like, fever chills, vomiting and bad headaches. They are factors of skin cancer so it's better safe than sorry. Just saying. *whistles*

Lotions and sun screen can help you lessen the possibility of making it worse so after you take a shower, do yourself a favor and apply some moisturizer right away.

3) Take shade.

Under the tree. Your umbrella. Behind a big guy.

Shadows are your friends. They kind of have this orb of coolness in their perimeter so seek them when sunlight is present.

4) Eat light.

Remember that Go, Grow and Glow rule of meals? Well, the Glow group will be a big help this summer. Heavy meals can make you feel uneasy and may cause indigestion. Eating light and HEALTHY meals will help you stay cool both inside and outside your body.

Plus, your skin will thank you for that! 

5) Let your body breathe.

Some of the summer days has sweat-inducing humidity. For some of you, excessive sweating is probably a problem even if you don't have issues about it in the past.

Lose the varsity jacket and sweat pants-- dude, seriously? Get a loose or tank top. Wear pastel colors. And for those who are still forced to wear heavy clothing (uniforms or office attire), you can still fix it by not losing your cool.

I kid. Get a portable fan.

6) Take a dip

Or take a shower. 

Beaches and pools may be the common options of spending the summer days but what if you don't have access to it? Easy. Time to take out the inflatable pool and fill it with ice and water!

Oooooor you can just  dip into your bathtub (or water drum, whichever you prefer or have) and turn up Beethoven's Ode to Joy.


7) Stay cool. 

Metaphorically, that is. 

Summer is already hot and it won't be any better if you're angry or ill-tempered. Worse thing that could happen is to have get a stroke from rage not from the heat. Although, I'm not saying that it's better to have a heat stroke that a norma- well, you know what-- you get what I mean, right? 

And besides, happiness can take your mind off from the fact that the scorching sun exists. 
So, be happy. 

I hope you're having a great summer so far. Take good care of yourself. 

You're only what you have. *wink



For What It's Worth by The Cardigans
All About You by McFly
Everything by Michael Buble
Celeste by Ezra Vine
Year 3000 by Busted


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