Ode to My Body

I am sorry.

Sorry I have abused you today, yesterday and the next days that will probably come. I just have a strange way dealing with life right now.

Feet, legs and limbs: sorry I made you walk a far long distance to save money. I know I still had a couple of cash left, but I was too greedy to use it for transportation. 

Nose and lungs: sorry I made you inhale too much smoke from the foreign vehicles downtown. I made you suffer during heavy traffic when I took the long way home because I wanted to listen to more music on my playlist. You had to sneeze and made me cough all throughout the trip but I didn't even bother to reach for the bottle of water inside my bag. Sorry.

Ears: sorry I exceed the maximum volume you can take. I just can't take the !#@#&% from other people's mouth.

Eyes: sorry for the pollution, the radiation from my pc and cellphone and the thick eyeliner I apply. And if that's not worse enough, I make you stay awake because my mind is still hyper. Sorry I don't give you enough rest. Sorry you now suck at seeing. Sorry I make you cry a lot. Sorry you need to see people that hurt you. 

Mouth: sorry you have to say the things you don't mean.


Forgive me.



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