Brace Yourself

Change is coming!

Elections are fast approaching and the University of the Philippines Cebu has dedicated this year's UP Cookout to tackle election-related issues. The theme "Change of Thrones" is for Iskolars to present their talents and their creativity regarding the 2016 Presidential elections.

UP Cookout: "Change of Thrones" will be held this upcoming Friday, 13th November at, of course, their university grounds.

Plot twist: the event is public so I'm inviting all of you to be part of this year's celebration! 

You can order your tickets at PHP100.00 through UP Political Science Organization: 0933-520-4935

See you there, loverrs :D



Speaking of changes, school starts later and I'm saying bye-bye to my lazy-ice cream-midday mood for my schedule at work and school are sort of, well.. let's just say a pain in the aaa. But 'tis alright because I have the energy (and the courage?) to face this agony.

I guess.
Wish me luck!
I'm desperate! *nervous laugh*

I had zoned out on the past few days especially at work for I have more absences than any other month I have worked in the company. I am disappointing a lot of people and most importantly: I'm disappointing myself. 

Believe me, it's not really that easy: having responsibilities you can't avoid. Sometimes I wish I can just disappear or maybe just run away from all this.

Reality check: I can't. 
Mainly for two reasons: 1) My family needs me and 2) I have dreams. 

And those dreams aren't just coming my way like magic. I have to earn them. And what's a more effective way in reaching dreams than stressing myself out and crying myself to sleep?!! 

It's ironic how I'm writing and giving people advice to win at life when I literally lose and can't even move on with mine. 

I feel like a fraud.
Maybe I am?
I'm a fraud.

Who am I kidding? I feel unworthy of all the things I get. Do I even deserve them? I question myself everyday.

I have a lot of support from the people I love and care about. But it just seems to be not enough. Everything that's happening in my life right now feels like it's slowly shrinking my self-esteem when in reality it should somehow make me stronger.

So I keep asking myself: am I doing something wrong?

[Yes, you are.]


I overthink things.
I worry to much.
I am so negative.

I thought I'm already a grown-up but I probably need more help than a 2-year old kid. I was so used of my palace life back in Leyte and now I can't accept the fact that I'm nothing more than a commoner.



I need to face this like my life depends on it.
Which by the way, it does. 

As a commoner, I have to be strong and be willing to accept the sh!t in my life because that's what life is. But I should never be weak and give up easily because my mother gave birth to me and mom always told me that, "No matter what happens, be the good bitch in the story."

Or maybe I just need to wear eyeliner more often.

In all seriousness though, I have to be mindful of what I do. And I hope you are, too. Because we all have those days where we are on the borderline of defeat and glory and one step is just the difference.

And we always need to take that one step forward because it's not just the most badass thing to do, it's also the most logical decision.


So I should change how my brain works then; erase bad omens and sad thoughts.
Sad thoughts only make me...

It's healthy but too much sadness makes you go coo-coo.

I vow to be stronger this time and be more rational.

Buuuuuuuuuut I should get enough sleep, too.



Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine
Shake It Up by Train (CHRISTMAAAAAAS is almost heeeeeere)
Shot At the Night by The Killers
Shut Up + Dance by Walk the Moon

*I'm playing everything in alphabetical order because shuffling is so mainstream.




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