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He's my friend.
My awesome friend.
And I'm gonna tell you why.

Jessan is not your average guy.
He's badass.
But he doesn't show it much.
Unless the world needs to see it.

He's a fucking good writer.
And Yssa agrees on that.
He can write like Hemingway.
Or other writers who are legendary.

He played Andrei in our theatrical show: Maling Akala
He played a psycho dude who thinks he's Batman
He played...
He played with himself.

Jessan is kind of funny, too.
He doesn't know he's joking.
So I have to explain why I laughed.

And if I don't explain,
He starts asking questions.
Making the conversation longer.
'The point of no return.'

He's full of love.
I know because I can see it in his eyes.
We may not be in a romantic relationship,
But I know he cares a lot.

He broke his heart once.
Or twice. Or thrice.
I don't know.
But it never made him a bad person.

Jessan turns silent when he's mad.
Or when he's troubled by something.
Or when he's thinking about a pun
His serious face is scary.

He said he has an good butt.
Yssa and I buy it.
But deep inside we kind of doubt it.

He listens to my problems.
Even when it's too shitty.
And although he's miles away from me
We get high and low together.

He calls himself Essanity
Maybe because he's insane.
And he's my friend.


The End by The Beatles
It's Time by Imagine Dragons
Times Like These by Foo Fighters
Higher Place by Adam Levine
Pokemon Theme Song (from Yssa)


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