Things will change.


Other than entertainment, you can get something more out of a movie. Yes, you might have watched Ant-Man because you're a Marvel fanatic but you may be surprised of the things the movie had in store for you (besides the visual effects, cinematography and acting). 

I remember how I didn't really want to watch Ant-Man. I only watched it 'cause my brother and dad were there and their happiness matter most than mine. It was full of humor and epic action scenes and I enjoyed it a lot. Surprisingly. But like other writers out there, I mostly pay attention to words and dialogues; what the characters say, when they say it and how they say it. And what really marked inside my head was Michael Douglas' line:

"Be the hero she [Ant-Man's daughter] already thinks you are."

(Shoutout to the Mexican friend which killed every line.)

I also watched Inside Out and man, that movie was f*cking tear-jerking. I don't know about you but I cried twice in the movie. Either I'm so emotional or the story was just great. Judging by its trailer, it doesn't seem to be something you'd cry to but---

--ugh! Bing Bong!

My take-away from the movie:

There is a positive outcome from sadness.

*wipes tears*
Gosh, I miss my old life.

Anyway, moving on.
I watched Home. I didn't cry but it was still awesome. It made me miss my mother so much.

If you're a grammar Nazi, this movie might drive you nuts. Haha.

The message is mostly about caring for love ones.
People that matter.

Oh, you get the picture.

To sum it all up, these three movies make up one big thought:

Second chances are earned and deserved

A second chance for Scott that he can be a good person.
A second chance for Sadness that she can make great memories.
And a second chance for Oh that he can correct his mistakes.


Hope you have a great day :D


 I Don't Hate You by Kyla La Grange
Carousel by Bamboo
Charlie Brown by Coldplay
Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars
Best Day of my Life by American Authors

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