...means 'wood'. 

Dumaguete has over hundreds of acacia trees all over their city. No wonder it seems to be refreshing even under the heat of the sun.

I just got back from my trip to Dumaguete. 

The excitement when I arrived there and the sadness when I left is almost equal. It's a pretty nice city. I went there with my friends, Shane and Miko, and I had a great time with them. And I might come back.

Hotel | Shane & Miko

 We strolled down Siliman University.

Nothing completes a trip other than old churches. Spanish era, antique ruins and old bell towers; this church has it all.

Ant view.
Friend's view.

Candlesticks for prayers.

Totally rockin' out that military dress.

Here's what I noticed: Dumaguete is filled with sweet things. I've met sweet people and ate so many sweet things. My heart can't handle it. Cakes! I've been having cakegasm since I've been there!

And flowergasms.

This killed me: daisies.

More daisies.


I wish I could say more things about Dumaguete but I can't put my words to it. Or maybe I'm just tired. 

Yeah, I'm tired. But one thing is for sure though:

Yes, I do.

Till next time!



Replay by Iyaz
One by U2
Coffee & TV by Blur
Story of My Life by One Direction
 Let it Out by Ed Sheeran

Before Dumaguete, we actually stopped by in Alcoy, Cebu for a swim.

Miko :D

Shane's famous donut.




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