Sometimes we need to take a break from our usual routine no matter how much we don't want to...

... and no matter how sleepy we are.


Last Friday, I was suppose to go home early since I don't have any classes anymore because I always do that; to gain some sleep. But I instead of doing it, I figured I'd stay a while to witness my classmates' program. I usually don't spend time with them but when I do, it might be related to something academic. 

They call the event T.G.I.F (Thank God Its Filipino) because it was for their Retorika subject. They showcased their talents for everybody in the class to witness. I was their as a guest but I sorta wasn't acting like one because I took photos for documentation on Lyka's camera. And for me, it wasn't much of a burden because I like taking photos especially with people.


Preciosa. A monster.

That was the first time I actually hanged out with them. And I had a blast :)
{If you're my classmate and you're reading this, I seriously think you're the kind of person who don't like me. I am intimidated by all you.}

But of course that's pretty normal if you're the odd one inside the box. Turns out you guys are kind of cool and okay. Taking a chance on you was right. And I appreciate everything you do to make me feel like I belong and understanding my work-school dilemma. 

Anyway, enough of the senti pep talks. 

After work, I spent time with my teammates (which I don't normally do because I'm weird). Me and Lani went to Tao- Tois- Taosi- Taoist Temple. Which is by the way around our neighborhood.

And yes, I wore the same shirt from school to work.


And after that, we went to my teammate's place and cooked/ate lunch. And had a few drinks (TeaKyla! TeaKyla!). And sang a few songs. And sorta ruined the peaceful aura of the neighborhood. Haha.


Fidel and Sham

Feeling like I had enough, I left and went straight home where I found my little cousins: wifi-less. They went outside to play because apps and video games were no good at that time. Electricity was down for a few hours. Which made them a perfect subject for practicing photography. 



Hard way to learn biking.

Too small to join.

Half brothers.




Sun fun.

Moniq and Kleo

"At least I have my pony. It has wheels."

"I'm tired of pushing Ozzy."

Ozzy and his silly face.

"You're still a baby!"

Tracy and Zacky

Plus Ozzy


I then realized I've been awake for 24 hours. I should have slept when I got a chance, but I didn't. And here I am spending the last hours blogging. I must be crazy.

But I do not regret a thing.



You've Changed by Sia
Gusto Mo Pa by Brownman Revival 
All Star by Smash Mouth
Fearless by Taylor Swift
Pictures by Sia


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