Salamat Kaayo!*

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
-Melodie Beattie

3 hours of sleep. 
27 units. 
Research papers. 
Terror teachers. 
Winter storms.
Hold time. 
Failed alarm clocks. 
Empty wallet. 

 *breathe in, breathe out*

Holy shhh. I did it. I f*ckin did it. Can I cry now?

And it feels good. I would've not done it without a little helping hand from the people around me: they inspire and aspire me everyday. You have no idea how thankful I am even for the smallest things that they did. I'm so thankful for Yssa, for being the greatest long distant friend ever. Despite the distance, we still have a strong grip on our friendship,

Jessan & Yssa

My dad, for sharing his music when I'm down. For his corny jokes. For his strenght and hope. For taking me to work and school when I'm late,      

Lilanie, for giving me sunshine every time I come to work,        

Kirk, for waking me up when my alarm clock fails to,


My blockmates and classmates and schoolmates, for the joy you bring everyday and for being life savers.

Jessan, for making me feel like I'm not alone,        

My teachers, for calling me every recitation and noticing me when everybody thinks I'm invisible (haha),

Sia, that bitch knows how to sing


My relatives, for reminding me everyday to be determined,     

Kleo, for taking my stress away,       

Shane, for listening to my problems.

Mira, for washing my school uniform even though I don't ask her to,        
My teammates, for accepting my weirdness,    

My supervisor, for his sympathy when I feel sleepy at work,                 

Edna, for her wise words and for the long distant oreos aaaaaaaand

Mom, I love you.

Let me tell you what I think: people and everything else are connected. It means that the slightest and the smallest thing that you do to someone or to something has a great impact in the equilibrium of life. Somehow, some way, you've changed the course of someone's path. You can call it karma. Or fate. You were the reason why they were happy, why they passed the exam, why they're broken, why they became bitter, why they were late to class, or whatever-- it's pretty much a bunch of limitless possibilities.

My point is: everybody who's destiny intertwined with my destiny, I want to say thank you so much. Because all of you are reasons why I'm here. At home. Smiling. Blogging. Satisfied. And happy. 

Fuck you and thank you :D

Keep spreading the-



Burn the Pages by Sia
Mean by Taylor Swift
The Kids Are Alright by Fall Out Boy
Sugar by Maroon 5
 Madness by Muse

 *Cebuano Visayan for thank you so much!


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