Is This Illegal?

First things first: I was on air earlier. Live. And I suck. I spoke in Bisaya. And just between you and me, the news I got was my classmate's extra. I wasn't prepared at all. Nailed it, though. Holla! Haha.


I have a new laptop.

*cues angel choir*

I feel more productive and  more useless at the same time. I also retrieved my old hard drive and dig out some old (well, kind of old photos) back when I was still in Leyte. And I dedicate this post for a mega throwback. 

You might find the people very familiar.

What is this suppose to be?

No idea why my tongue was blue.

And speaking of blue, I feel blue every now and then. These memories keep me happy. And I'd like to stay there. But I can't. 

So I have to face the reality that I'm somewhere else. (So emo.)

Nahh. I just need ice cream.

Hope you enjoy your week!



You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile by Sia
You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
Merry Happy by Kate Nash
Everything's Okay by Lenka
Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy


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