.. And that's when I realize there was a reason why I answered that email. Why I redialed the number. Why I went back to the counter. Why I watched Penguins of Madagascar rather than Exodus. Why I sang Hey Jude out loud. Why I brought bills rather than coins. And why I brought an umbrella.

They all lead me to meeting you.


I don't believe in destiny.

But I do know that people on Eartn are meant to intertwine in one world or another. Maybe cross each other's roads but not necessarily travel together. Maybe for awhile when both need each other's story but we were never meant to stay forever physically.

You know that saying, where somebody is either a blessing or a lesson? You can't categorize people that way. Because I think everybody is a blessing despite of the dreadful things he/she did. And everybody is a lesson whether they'll stay or not.

*sniff sniff*

Huh. Do you know I wrote this while shopping Christmas presents inside the mall. Multitasking? Haha.

In all seriousness, though. I mean it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we should cherish the people and the moments we have with them. Give thanks. Love. Say what we feel before its too late. They might take another route without warning you.

Just a thought.

Thanks for the vacation, Santa. Yipee!

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