All I Want For Christmas..

.. is a dayoff.

No work.
No school.
No hassle.
No stress.

Dear Santa,

If you could please leave a gift certificate for a spa and salon treatment inside my stockings that would be much appreciated. I promise I'll serve low fat milk and gluten-free cookies this time. Thank you!


I've been keeping a secret from everybody: I don't feel well. Everyday I come across the same battle. I either struggle to get enough sleep or fight to eat enough food to make it through the day. The worst part is that I lose both wars entirely. No matter how much enthusiasm I pour into the things I do, it all boils down to what my body can accomplish.

I thought that if I hide my stress things will be fine. But my eyebags shows weakness. Darn it. (Haha) So people started asking questions and I was so embarrassed. It's always been my habit to never show my downside because I'd feel like a loser. Turns out, some things just have to transparent.

I guess what I'm trying is that we always lie to people that we're okay. I guess for once you got to tell them that you're not because there's nothing more satisfying in life than expressing yourself plus they might just help you and a little extra hand doesn't hurt. Hihi~ ï

I hope that smile you have is real Santa. You're getting old, btw. How do you do it? Take care. Always.



Blackbird by The Beatles
I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
Falling in Love Will Kill You by Wrongchilde ft. Gerad Way
Bali Song by Rivermaya
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

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