Leyte: Part I

Aaaand I'm back.

Hola! I just got home from Leyte, my hometown. Before I left Cebu, I was excited and jittery because the thought of me visiting got me all hyped. I couldn't stop smiling. Literally. 

For those of you who don't know, Leyte was where the Haiyan typhoon took place; pretty much the main reason why I'm here in Cebu. My family decided to move here permanently without having second thoughts.

I spent 5 days in Leyte thanks to my sembreak. Plus, I negotiated with my boss to make get a leave. I traveled by boat because I love sailing. And I love people who are on the deck with me. I love talking to them. I like hearing random stories of random strangers. By the end of the trip I'll realize I never really knew his/her name but whoever that was somehow he said something inspiring or something that will leave me pondering for a while. It happens every time. 



You remember Yssa? The Wonderwall chick? She has new glasses. Haha. We watched a movie together: The Best of Me. Spoiler: the guy dies. But I bet you already expected that... I mean, it's Nicholas Sparks. *shrugs*

Bumped into Jose downtown. Hi, Jose!

Ex classmates: Grace, Jessan, Edward, Kervey and Rose :)
Jessan and his weird pose..
With Yssa and Jessan

Loooooouuuurd and Chriiiiiiiiissss!!!!

I'm so high right now.

I love you, Lourd! :*
When we were still in high school, McDonald's was sorta like our hub and unfortunately, Yolanda destroyed that happy place. But on the bright side they reopened days before I came home! And I bet you remember these ladies...

Edna, Faith, Lyra, Chris and Lourd :)
I miss them so much.

Then I took another batch of people there... but it happened the next day.

Jessan and Yssa. My 3-way buddies. HAHA

"I'm prettier." "I'm fatter."

I lingered in Lyra's place for a while...

Ed's a make-up artist now.. XD
Then I headed straight to Leyte Normal University.

Portia (you know her) and Em! :))

Don't ask.

My Akalaers :* Sweet sweet Akalaers. Haha. So how's life, Em?

Yssa's here. Again.

Love me.

This doesn't look right. 

But enough about these people. Let's go to my relatives!


I went to Carigara the next day. It's my mom's hometown. It's 135 km away from the city. And yes, I'm serious. 

I arrived at around lunch so...
Get a load of my grandparents. 
And that's not even the whole pack!

These aren't my cousins.

The only cousin in this photo is Gio (guy in black). The other 4 are my uncle and aunts. I'm either older or about the same age as them. 

And again, it's not the whole pack! Haha.

I had to be with them for a short while because I needed to go to another place: Baybay. It's where my uncle lives along with my baby cousins!

I loooove them so much. I bought ice cream and it made them happy. Haha. Kids.

This is Muffin.
I taught her to play the guitar. She's two. So you can pretty much imagine how unsuccessful I was. XD

She's super interested in playing the guitar and it warms my heart. She gets mad 'cause her fingers are still small. It's so cute. You should see her. 

Maurice, separating the nuts from the chocolate. Weird.
They amuse me. 


Oops. I'm sleepy. i have to go to work later. I'll tell you more about my trip later. For now, let me snooze. Good night :*



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