Get a Break

Before anything else...
We got a new puppy!

Haha. Hi, Pat.
I don't know how to transition this topic...


Don't try to take everything in all at once.

            But I did and I survived the first week of the second semester! Don't I deserve a medal or something? Or maybe a hug at least? Or another scoop of ice cream?


            I need a break. (Who's with me?)

            Compared to the subjects I took up last semester, I technically have more subjects this time. Not only that, my schedule is sorta hectic too. I hardly have any sleep at all. I must be killing myself. Is this the cause of my death?! Haha. (Don't laugh, Kyla..)

            Dad keeps on motivating me and it gets to the point where I start to think it's kinda funny. Like the time I woke up from a 2-hour sleep and I found him in the kitchen smiling, "There's my girl! You look amazing! Had a great sleep? Good! Here's some breakfast for you..Come on, eat. Take a bath. Have a great day at school! I love you!", then he gives me a pat on the head and leaves for work. Huh. He didn't even notice that it was Saturday and I don't have classes. I only got up to pee. After that I went back to bed and continued making out with my pillow.  


Dear people who are taking things too seriously,

            You need a break. Stop stressing yourself. First of all, you're not a robot. Second of all, if your were a robot you need to recharge your batteries because if you don't you'll end up not working at all. Now I completely understand why you're doing all of this however it hurts to see you so tired and zombie-like. Did it ever cross your mind to reward yourself even in the least possible way? You don't have to deal with the hard stuff all the time. You have to be kind to yourself.
            Think about it: over-time got you promoted and gave you a big salary. But what are you gonna do with those stuff if one day you get ill because you failed to take a good night's sleep? You die. You die sad. Your spirit will end up thinking about what if's and you'll probably end up as a sad ugly ghost haunting people. Do you want that to happen? (Yes.) NO! Nobody wants that to happen.

            Hard work always pays off, yes. But it doesn't mean you have to wait for it to actually end. Throughout the process, you need to give yourself a break or spoil yourself once in a while. It's a healthy gesture. People today have been conditioned to work and do everything that needs to be done pronto. More people are overscheduled than ever before. We hardly get a time to take a deep breath. And it's sad to think that that's what we are in this generation.

            You need to pause and take a step back. Don't be to hard on yourself. Have fun even in a short while.



Ermergerd! It's almost Christmas! Do you feel it?! Do you?! Because I do. I'm thanking N*Sync's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I heard it while I was on my way to school inside the jeepney and I could've swore I was the only one with a foolish smile on the face. Although it took a while for me to let the Christmas spirit sink in... I'm assuming most us are having a hard time, too.


I Try by Macy Gray
Don't Shoot Me Santa Clause by The Killers
You (Got What I Need) by Freddie Scott
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by N*Sync
B Boy by Mutya Buena ft. Amy Winehouse
Yule Shoot Your Eye by Fall Out Boy


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