Still Aiming for FUN

Dear audience,

The video was one thing.
Now, my group and I are focusing on the play.

Maling Akala Poster (my version) XD

And it's all for you.
*insert romantic transition*

[click images for bigger sizes]

The script has to be dubbed and we are enjoying every minute of it. Some of us may be in a hurry or complain that the others are not being serious, we still come down to having fun.

Earlier, I finished editing half of the script, complete with music and sound effects. I enjoyed listening to it afterwards. I'm happy I'm being consistent with the songs that I'm using because they're all Eheads. (Hoping you like it, though)

Still being pretty XD
Recording is probably the best part. I stayed inside the studio to guide the cast and 86% of the recording activity was laughter.

We even experimented with emotions and words and come up with extreme satisfaction. XD (Did I just say that?)

I tend to laugh at my actors..

But it doesn't mean I'm not serious...

Gone nuts.

Fatima, she plays a Principal

Me, doing my stuff..

Yssa.. she's hungry.

Me and some of the cast.
Yssa was outside doing the techy thing. Way to go, four-eyes!

Yssa living the moment
Wanna see behind the scenes?

My point is, even though I feel like it's a really serious thing, I still want to achieve smile and silly things along the way. 

It's about the journey, not the outcome. 
But the final output still counts.



Vice President Binay visited our school last Wednesday. And we were instructed to wear our uniforms. Ugh! But the good news was, on Friday.. students were allowed not to wear uniforms!

Thus the black atmosphere was on.


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