DAY 1 (Photobomb)

Dear Camee (Portia's cam),

Yesterday, we started shooting some of the scenes  in Portia's crib for our video project. 

She was alone.

*evil grin*

We were suppose to shoot Apple's scene, which is scene one, but she didn't show up. So, we moved to plan B and shoot another scene instead.

But before everything else...

Jessan talking to Portia's dog

Wine.. hmmm.. HAHA!

We drank wine, but not too much. 

 Pictures say a thousand words.

After the I-think-I'm-drunk sitch, we decided to start shooting clips.
It was easy, we just have to act like we're having fun.

And we did have fun.
I think we made one major scene and 4-5 adlibs! Yehey~

Bicycle, ahoy!

Steer me to freedom.

Lalaine, me, Portia, Yssa and Deniza

Hi, Jessan!

Don't worry, she's okay.

Thanks for the photos, Camee~

Our ideas for the vid were spontaneous.
And we can't wait for DAY 2! 



Does this pic look like I'm underwater? (No.) Okay. XD

Drenched in wine~


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