"People are perfect because of their imperfections"
- V. Oyzon

A lot of us never actually realized how important it is to acknowledge even the smallest thing that makes us different from one another. I know that we always start with the physical aspects and most of us just end there. How we look doesn't make us human. Being human is on how we perceive our world. And since a lot of us perceive differently, we end up fighting and fussing about how the other one is wrong or right.

Nothing ever is wrong or right.
The right thing can be wrong in the wrong time or place. It always depends. Because everything always depends on anything. But only few people understand this idea. Which is why this world will never be at peace.

But I won't lose hope.
Until then, let's just try to believe that everything will be alright. 
Because it will.

Dear upcoming days,

*war paint on*

I just don't understand how some teachers think.
They are completely aware that we only have a few days until the final exams and still, they flood us with projects with brutal deadlines.

Plus, they are not even major subjects...

*British accent*
What ever can I do?!


But anyway, I will try to balance things. Wish me luck~



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