Dear Portia,

You love me! :DD

Last week (August 14), we had our midterm monologue! Each of us had to act a particular character. We made our own script, depending on what group we belonged. There were eight groups. Themes included Love, Biglang Hirap, Family Problems, Longing for Something, Pain and Agony, Regret and a lot more. As what I've said on my other post, I'll be portraying a crazy woman who killed her husband because I belonged to the group called Psychopaths.

But before our 'curtain', we made a lot of wacky stuff for Grace's birthday. We made videos but those videos are on Yssa's laptop 'cause she'll be editing them. 

This is you, Portia!

Vanity solves our jittery feelings.

Me and Yssa

I'm all puckered up!
After all that vanity, we headed to the studio and got ourselves ready for the show.
And more vanity and wackiness occurred. 

Kuya Jeff as rich guy who ended up selling balot

Me (plus Edward and Cladge)

I don't get this pic.

Oh, hey! Jose was there.
He's my ex-classmate. Now he's studying in University of the Philippines, Tacloban.
What's wrong with kissing a crazy woman, Jose?

Irish (my groupmate) as another crazy woman who ate her baby.
Above, you shall see the crazy woman's awesome nails and phone.

Happy Birthday, Grace! Oh.. seems like you're the only one whose happy.

Red and Jose doing the pop
Look, Jose. You belong.

CURTAIN, baby!

Like I said, I'm in a group called PSYCHOPATHS and we call ourselves roomies.
The setting is in a mental hospital and we're suppose to tell what happened to us in our past~

Jessan, Me, Irish, Jynvel and Em-Em!

Em-Em played a crazy doctor who blamed herself for the death of her daughter, Alex

 Jessan played an intelligent man who turned insane.

Jynvel also killed her husband. But she took the man's heart. Literally.

Me (on my not-so-good shot)

Jynvel laughing


I'm stabbing my husband now. Well, in this case, a sweater.

Go, Yssa-Bantot!
Yssa played a rich girl who was cursed by a witch or something.

And Maureen played conyo barbecue vendor. Fun fact: she threw her cellphone. Like, she threw it! As props! But it was real! And it's still alive! Samsung. Hey, Samsung.. I'm endorsing your product here. Ha-ha!

After all those performances (38, that is)... my teacher came to the decision of giving awards! Yey! And here comes the good part...


*clap clap* Cheers, roomies!
But wait, there's more! (quote Vic Sotto)
I held the title of BEST ACTRESS! Double yey! Ha-ha! Actually, Patt and I won the title. My teacher narrowed down to the decision that both of us deserved the title.

*clap clap*
How awesome is that?! Very.
But of course, I have to thank you, Portia because you had the camera. You're, like, the hope of our class. HAHA~



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