18 Things That Made Me Smile

Hello! Guess what?

It's my 18th birthday! 
*standing ovation* 
Thank you, thank you! 
*bow* *bouquet* 
*beauty queen wave*

Oh~ how awesome is that? (Very) And there were a lot of things that made my day super special! But I'll narrow it down to 18. 

*insert pixie dust transition*

1.) It's also Michael Jackson's birthday! And you know what that means? I woke up with his songs playing and it feels so freakin' great! XD Happy birthday, MJ~ Thanks for the music and for starting my day with an upbeat mood.

2.) Bro and Sis sweetness overload! Kirk and Mira hugged me and greeted me this morning. A hug from Kirk plus Mira's candies equals SUPER SWEET SIBLINGS. See? Isn't that cute? :3 Don't worry guys, I'll try not to puke XD

3.) Mom and Dad's sweeeeeeeeet messages! I love you, Mom and Dad! You're the best! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have existed! XD Ha-ha! If you know what I mean.. *wink* You are the best! Your presence is enough and all the love you gave is definitely worth it. I will make you proud. Promise :)

4.) Silly text messages! Especially from the people who greeted me at exactly 12 midnight. That was very thoughtful of you. This morning, my phone was flooded with birthday greetings and most them wanted to know where the venue is. Ha-ha! (Sorry, I'm way too cool for that. XD)

5.) Birthday songs! (Enough said)

6.) Books... books... BOOKS! We went to a book exhibit in our school and believe me, that was the best present LNU gave to me! It was H-E-A-V-E-N! 

Complete Nostalgia. First book I had.

Bookini Bottom
 I spotted tons of books that I wish I had! Now I'm determined to find all those books.

7.) Surprise! My friends prepared a little treat for me. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 You guys are so awesome. XD

Cheery cherry! :)

8.) More birthday songs! (This time, from complete strangers.. XD)

9.) A birthday card! Because cards are not mainstream in college life and getting one feels so good! Thanks, Anel! :* That's so thoughtful of you!

10.) Magic cards! Carlo did a magic trick and... oh, gosh... how will I explain this?! Let's just say he gave me a card that was 4 of diamonds and when I turned to look at it again... this was the card that I was holding:

Thanks for that, Carlo! It was pretty cool and sweet of you to do that.

11.) Messing with people's mind! Ha-ha! Sorry, I can't help but to laugh. Me and my friends pretended that there was a rope on the path we were taking and we had to lift our feet (carefully). People, were, like.. "What the.." And we also stared at the sky for so long until some stranger does it too. 

12.) Free drink! 
Gift for thirst.
13.) A present! Thanks, Yona for the bag! I like it. XD I will treasure it forever~ :D  

14.) Google's awesomeness. 

15.) Cake! 

16.) Friend's weirdness! You guys sprinkled my day with so much fun! THANK YOU!

Ed (being weird), Chris, Faith and Lourd!
17.) Yssa's blog post about me! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flattered. I mean, you should check it out. Like now! CLICK THIS! :)) Ha-ha! THANK YOU, Yssa!

And finally... 

18:) Knowing that everybody's happy and well! Every single thing was perfect. I'm glad that I also made other people smile. :)

To all my readers. Thank you~ you get more and more everyday! So, yey! THANK YOU! :*



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