Dear OKRA,

Here are the souvenir photos I got last weekend from our rover moot thingy in San Agustin, Palo.

The path to our destination was a bit bumpy.
House # 19. The house me, April and Marydel will be staying.

April and her 'are-they-really-gonna-make-us-do-all-that-stuff' face.
Faith and her 'i-just-woke-up' smile.

 The neighborhood seems... pleasant.
This is Melanie, our radian leader. She's a mother now. That's her daughter.

That's just an unknown baby,

I gave birth to a dog. 
Ha-ha! (I always wanted to say that XD)

Meet Spotted the Dog.

Here's my foster parents, Nanay Jean and Tatay Dante and with their foster daughters April, Marydel and me.

My little sister, Inday with Spotted.

And this is my radian. I'll miss them. All those laughter, secrets and emotions poured out by each of us made us stronger and made us survive all those obstacles.

*sentimental smile*
They rock.
And this time, I mean it. :D



  1. Kyla,
    Thank you... though I do not recall requesting anything from you, maybe I forgot. This is a really nice and cool(I can't decide between cool or nice so I put in both) blog post I hope I was there with you guys, it looked like a lot of Fun. *cue Some Nights by Fun. haha

    As I am writing this comment fragments of our past conversation are coming back to me, so maybe I did ask you to blog about your trip. So, thank you again.

    Yeah, I know I'm weird.

    Keep on posting!
    gossip girl


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