Dear Jamella,

A keen observation is the way to learn your environment well.

Hey, Jam [Yes, this post is for you.]
I just arrived home from our immersion from San Agustin, Palo and it wasn't most of what I expected.

What I expected:

1. We will be welcomed warmly by the people there (Like, when we step outside the bus... the people will be gathered around doing their village dance or something).

2. There will be a bonfire at night and all of us will be singing songs and jammin'.

3. We'll help build a house, classroom or any other building for them.

4. There is a bathroom at the room we're staying.

5. The people will help us... or if not, they'll offer food after every work we have accomplished.

6. I'll be having a good time.

7. No connection to any technological stuff.

8. I'll be having a good time. 

9. Kids are evil.

10. I'll be having a good time!!!


Look, I'm not being a whiny baby but first of all, the place was very modern at some point and I don't like it. I was expecting I'd do more farm stuff or something more agricultural. I saw a house with a flat screen TV. I mean, I didn't feel the 'we-are-in-a-place-away-from-the-city' feeling when I arrived there. The only part that made it look like very country-ish are the turkeys, ducks and the giant pig I saw. Speaking of which, Faith's ultimate dream is to be chased by a duck. 

The dream still lives.
Ducks don't find her worth the chase. Ha-ha! [Faith, if you're reading this, then... good for you.]

There was no bonfire at night. We didn't build a house, we scrubbed the walls of the school AND I scrubbed whole-heartily.

Some of the people were being ignorant of what we're doing, I was like, HELLO?!?! We just cleared out your garden and you're just gonna play basketball and not let us stay on a place with a shade?!!! IT'S SO FREAKIN' HOT!!!! 

I like the kids even though they're just using their angelic faces to make me buy them candy and all the sweet stuff. They talk back. I pictured them shy and with poker faces. There was this kid named Mocha and she's literally 'mocha'. Ha-ha-ha! She's small and round. She looks like a mocha munchkin. 

You could say I enjoyed a small part of it. My section made it so unforgettable. All the laughs we've shared, all the non-sense things we talked about, all the rice we wasted... Everything.

I can't tell you all the good times I find memorable 'cause I don't know how to tell you.
It was just... epic. 

When I stop by at your canteen, I promise... I'll tell you everything.
Complete with sound effects.



  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! KylAAAAA!!!

    I didn't know you wrote a letter to me! I am truly BIGHONORED! It's a new word I invented, it means honored but in a big time kind of way! I am truly madly deeply bighonored that you wrote a whole post for me and I really appreciate it! It's so freaking funny I'm gonna die!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry that I just read it and I'm so sorry that it's not what you expected and I'm so so sorry that you lost a lot of change for those candies but hey, at least you got to be santa claus. And tell Faith, don't lose hope, everybody is chase-worthy.

    I'm happy that you had an epic time!

    Still wishing that I was there... :(

    gossip girl


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