Dear Mutya Buena,

I love your voice.

Sometimes, there are times when you feel like your alone.
And someone in the crowd yells, "IN YOUR FACE, LOSER!!!" Well, don't worry... People suffer these kind of things and it's pretty much normal.

I guess.

As Panic! At the Disco points out in That Green Gentleman: When everybody gets there, every body gets their way. Things change and that's okay.

Just listen to the whole song, it's cathcy.

Makes you wanna throw an axe.

And I mean that in a good way.
Hey, have you heard the reggae version of 'Let it Be'? No? Wow... You live in a very gray life.

Look, just remind me to wake up at 7 am 'cause I have to do something really important. Your Amy Winehouse collaboration is my alarm. *cheese*

G'night :)



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