Face it, relying on your charms and your extreme talent for sympathy is useless to our security guard.

Meet Mr. Ampatuan [not real name]. He has eyes of a killer and one look can make you freeze to death. In fact, he is the only person that you can't lie through a conversation. But if you're smart enough to fool him, then I give you a big pat in the back for my appreciation. Why are we talking about him? Well, something really awkward happened that you will never expect from me: I forgot my I.D. And to think that wasn't the worst part, HE was on shift when it happened. Begging didn't work. Besides, did I mention his motto was "SHOW NO MERCY!"? Obviously. But, thanks to them mi Amiga and their brilliant plan to make a fake I.D, I got inside. See, they cut out a picture I have from prom last year and attached to another I.D, since Mr. Ampatuan only focuses on the face of the person, I went in. [never ending applause for my friends]. I owe them.

And for the guard? SUCKER!!!!!!


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