Let's start off with the dress.

Rosario, Coleen, Yiins & Haia
Paolo aka my 4th slow DANCE guy.
Dressing room.
Mau, Rosario & Hazel. Seated well on their table.
Pretty :D
They look like nice girls. >:)
Jochelle, Maricris & Cecille
Me, Richard aka my 2nd slow DANCE guy. Charlene & Brylle, my 3rd slow DANCE guy.

Analoyd :)
Me and Rica!
My first dance: Aries. Awwww :*

LAST DANCE. Just met him that day. ",

The best thing about it was the dance floor. Everything happened on the dance floor. Yeah, I went from Madonna to Jagger. HA-HA! I apologize I haven't uploaded shots from there. People we're too moo-vy and groovin' all the way. Can't capture a perfect shot. But I tell you, it was amazing.

One last picture before going HOME.


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