Lol I'm Insecure

"Fear leads to anxiety"



A few days ago, I meditated in my teeny room and decided that I shouldn't care too much of how people think of me. After all, they're not the captain of my life. But here I am crying in the living room thinking of how I can never be good enough for-- everything.

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Apparently, the thing about my insecurities is that it makes me paranoid and very very anxious about how people perceive me. And I'm not really the best person to handle that situation. I cry often and sometimes, I'd lock myself from the outside world or worse-- I give up.

The funny thing, I have to say, is that I constantly appear to be much more stronger and carefree. If I tell someone about this problem, they wouldn't take me seriously or probably get the idea that I may be being arte-- which I'm not, really.

I'm trying to fix it. I mean, I try to tell myself I'm better than this or the world doesn't revolve around me. But my heart still stings for some reason. Have you ever felt that? Like how your heart starts to sting because of extreme emotions?

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I read something from Psychalive that says that insecurity has something to do with a 'critical inner voice'. The voices basically formed earlier in life where we witnessed and experienced something painful towards us. It can affect our work, relationships or everything in our daily life.

Gosh, I'm so weak. Ha-ha

Anyway, if you somehow feel the same way, here's something that might help you:

1) Reason Why I'm Still Alive (2016)
2) Enjoy The Show (2014)

Thanks. I feel better.


#Beautiful by Mariah Carey
Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka
February Song by Josh Groban
Because by The Dave Clark Five


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