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Next week is a closer step to graduating 'cause at 1:30 in the afternoon of February the 8th, my thesismates and I will defend our dissertation thingy that we've worked for in *literally counts fingers* 4 months (?) Or whatever. It's not surprising to know that making a thesis will apparently stress you out-- especially if you're doing it faithfully and not paying someone to do it for you. But aside from the drama in class, we also get mixed up with personal drama like-- relationships, work, et cetera et cetera. I know how exhausting it feels but trust me, just try to hold on. 

My bestfriend is temporarily living with me here in Cebu and she probably doesn't know this yet but she's a big help in taking stress away. However, there was this time, we spent the afternoon looking at photos of what we'd like to call: 'almost-perfect people'. That made us start complaining about how much of a loser we are. The feeling still lingers and it creates a chain-reaction because since then, my level of confidence basically *insert drowning sound effects* *gulp* I'm sure we've been in the insecurity zone where we think everyone outside the circle is smarter, luckier, prettier et cetera et cetera. But if there's one thing I learned this week, it's that: self-pity won't help with anything att all. 

The thing about self-pity is, you're the only one who's suppose to elevate yourself on becoming a better you and apparently you're taking that power away from yourself. 

Which is so not cool. 
Shame. Shame. Sh- [I'm kidding. Haha]

It's okay to feel down. Just don't--as what my friend calls it-- romanticize over your sadness too much. Surround yourself with, you know things like love, good vibes et cetera et cetera.

By Mari Andrew 

There you go. Ismayl.


With a Smile by Eraserheads
Nothing In This World by Paris Hilton
Lovebug by Jonas Brothers
Emotions by Mariah Carey
It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones


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