Dear Diary: Dalaguete

Last weekend, my classmates and I needed to work on our photo essay which was a major project for our Photojournalism class. 

I was in a group with Kyle, Sam, Jasmine, Clarissa and other Kyle and we decided to take a trip down to Clarissa's hometown Dalaguete which our target subject resides.

We took a bus ride at 7am in the morning and it lasted for almost 4 hours. It wasn't much of a surprise to me because it is sorta far away. So in the meantime...

...I played with the camera I brought (shoutout to my boyfriend who made me borrow it: hi babe!) and took some random photos of people and the place.

Dalaguete is in the mountains so it's understood that it's pretty cold there. When the night draws near, the air gets cooler and cooler until it becomes freezing cold.

"Take a photo of us, Kyla!"

"Take a photo of me!"

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Anyway, our subject was Noy-- a 91-year old gardener who takes care of a chayote field. He has no family and he lives alone inside this very small hut which is isolated from all the other people in the town. The thought made me uncomfortable-- made us all uncomfortable. So taking portraits of him made us all sad.

Like I said earlier, Dalaguete is a really cold place for somewhere in a tropical country and the fact that he's all alone bothers me.

No hugs.
No blankets.
He doesn't have a bed!
But still, he smiles and I don't see him complaining about his life.

When asked what he does in his spare time, he answered that he prays..

If there's anything I've learned from that trip: be grateful for what you have. Some people have it worse-- I know you hear that a lot from people but seeing it and experiencing is just different whether you feel too much concern or not. It's just haunting, I guess.



Waste by Foster the People
Para sa Masa by Eraserheads
Million Reasons by Lady Gaga
Wonderwall by Oasis
Fake Your Death by MCR


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