How Do You Know That You're Right?

..if you're not nervous anymore. 

                       - Bling (Confessions of a King), The Killers


I'll have you know that this is not the best time to blog because I am really, really sleepy. But I will do it anyway because my Adobe In Design is still loading. 

Also, our thesis definitely needs to be polished because Wednesday will be our defense and our professor mentioned odd stuff that she did not say the first time she was giving instructions (which sucks, btw because we have to redo some parts in the last minute)

So I am now waiting for my proofreader to finish his magic.


So anyway.. I have this friend who's paranoid because she thinks she may have done something stupid that will/might affect the rest of her life. In short: she thinks she's pregnant. Which in my opinion is not true and I just think she's crazy. See that's the thing about her-- no matter how much we/I convince her to calm down-- she will not calm down or believe you at any point because like what I said in my previous posts way way way back that people have their own perspectives and beliefs that you just can't change unless something really significant happens. I guess I'm asking for help on how to at least make her feel at ease. Message me on FB, thank you. Anything will be helpful. Her paranoia is affecting her life and I just wanna be a good friend.


But aside from my thesis, I spent the weekend with my boyfriend who thinks my photography skills is better than him (and he probably just said that because he was being sweet because I think he will always be better than me in everything-- except on being a woman, unless he nails that too) 

But I don't know and I don't really care that much. 

And it's funny 'cause he was gonna go out to do this project and he wanted me to take a few shots too and make him proud and I did and I feel like this little girl who made her parents happy



I had to see my little sister because she was going to sing on a debutee's party


Actually this post is a click-bait for you just to see my photos and maybe make you realize that life isn't that much of a shitty thing if you look at it in a different way.

Just pick the right angles but make sure it doesn't blind you from the whole picture.



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From Here On Out
All These Things That I've Done

by The Killers


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