Moving On

..from Hamilton?

You can't.

You just can't. This is my fourth week and I am still not over it. I listen to it when I wake up, before I go to sleep, when I arrive from work and on my way to school. In fact-- I'm listening to it right now.



Last night, I found myself crying to sleep because I remembered my mom's promise to raise me and her assurance she'll be with me until I fully bloomed. Mom never wanted to miss a part of my life because she grew up without a mother-- turns out she missed a lot and I will spend the rest of my life without her.

My mother taught me that I should never take anything for granted-- always enjoy and add value to whatever you have because someday you will lose it. Regrets and what-ifs will happen after, you can't really escape 'em. The guilt or shame will overpower you and that's normal. It happens. BUT that doesn't mean you'll feel that way forever because eventually we all get over it and move on.

We should quit overthinking about what we deserve and what we don't deserve in life. Live the moment and always be grateful and make the best of it. If it's gone then-- we have no choice but to accept that. Like, you know-- that famous saying: 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonades.'

Now, I don't know what you believe in but I know that out of EVERY LITTLE THING in your life--- you are the only thing you can control. You control your own universe. Every thing you are going through right now is because of your decisions, your feelings and your philosophy.

We hold our own truths-- that's kind of why it's hard to convince people to cheer up because you don't see things the way they see it:

And the same goes for people who are so full of themselves.

We interpret things differently. Life is how we want it to be seen-- everything is just how we want to believe them to be. We find meanings and lessons out of little itty bitty things that to some other people-- it doesn't mean a anything at all. Because believe me, some things in life just happen.

But we seldom overthink.
We get anxious and paranoid.
We dig deeper for answers because we are not satisfied of what other people say or believe in.

So we create our truth like:

Mom died to set me free.



Starlight by Muse
Fake Your Death by My Chemical Romance
Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Deat Theodosia by Hamilton Cast
Speechless by Lady Gaga


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