Thanks, Dad

Dear Dad,

As you force your body to sleep on the small couch, I begin to realize how lucky I am for having you as a father. You have been a great (and cool) dad to the three of us and I just wanna say thanks for everything.

Thanks for taking care of mom when she was sick and for being strong when she passed away. I know you don't want us to see you cry but I know you always do when you go outside for a smoke.

Thanks for the little lame jokes you make even if we sometimes are mean to you-- sorry if we ever hurt you.

Thanks for understanding our extreme mood swings and listening to our never-ending drama every day.

Thanks for supporting us on our dreams and believing on us all through the struggles and victory.

Thanks for always giving us a ride to school, to work and to wherever we need to be ASAP.

Thanks for cooking meals that we still can't.

Thanks the music you play every minute of the day. Kirk, Mira and I know you are the the biggest influence we have when it comes to music.

Thank you for telling us conspiracy theories and how NASA may be lying to us-- we now have trust issues to other people but its better safe than sorry.

Thanks for accepting our flaws and always being there when we are down.

Thanks for not getting mad when I told you I have a boyfriend.

Thanks for being a Batman.

Thanks for stopping me before I do something dishonorable.

Thanks for making me embrace the beauty of pain and sorrow.

Thanks for teaching us to be humble.

Thanks for knowing a lot of things we don't know.

Thanks for not planting any anger on anyone who have betrayed you and just moved on.

Thanks for your love-- your pure and unconditional love, dad. Thank you so much for that. It means a lot. You have taught me how love is not just some sort of romantic gesture but instead, it's the energy that every one needs.

Sorry for letting you down sometimes and being a disappointment.

I don't know what I'll do when you will no longer be here with us. So I pray that you will live long enough until-- Idk, almost forever.

Happy Father's Day, Pa.



Yellow by Coldplay
Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
True by Spandau Ballet
Always by P!@TD
With or Without You by U2


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