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True love is painful and difficult. It's a battle-- it always will be. You're either fighting yourself to be a better person, fighting life to give the other person the life they deserve or fighting the other person. But true love is worth all of it, its also beautiful, kind, gentle and warm. No relationship is perfect. The one for you is the one who will put up with your shit but at the same time make you want to make yourself a better person. Your true love will get on your nerves, piss you off, hurt you, but they will also love you, hold you up when you can't and forgive you. -celticdraconian

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I recently ended my internship and I swear to all the gods that I had a really great time. I learned new things and I met awesome people whom I will treasure for the rest of my entire life. I don't regret it one bit and the best part is: I got a good grade!

Hi! Welcome to Aksyon5 Cebu

The newsroom is really quiet when the reporters and the cameramen goes on field duty. The interns are left with Sir Titus-- the news manager, and they (we) translate international news or look for showbiz shiz for the showbiz  segment.

Field duty with co-interns, Kyle and Hughie plus Sir Diego-- the best cameraman

Reporters from other media stations

This device tells us where the recent crimes happens

The blue room
The blue room is where the graphics. audio and videos are being edited and where they stay. This computer gets to control what's being aired real-time. I was able to assist the crew running the commercials one time and it was fun. 

The neighborhood

The staff-- with Bohol interns

Intern's POV

Sir Titus

The studio

Anchors' dressing room 
The audio room where we record the voice overs

The crew for the Election 2016 covering
Election 2016 was really fun and sorta tiring. My assignment was to translate news to Tagalog for the national airing. Me and my editor made an English article too for Bloomberg.

Bohol + Cotabato + Cebu interns

Overtime with Monique and Kyle

Restobar photobomb
The best part about being on field duty is that if you're assigned to cover a  press conference, this only means one thing: free food.

Me with Bohol + USJR interns 

My last groufie

I just wanna say thank you so much for the opportunity to work with everyone. Thanks for trusting me in both reporting and in production -- I really learned a lot, both in news writing and in life (and in speaking some Bisaya words). 

You are one of the things that I will never regret in life. I wish you more power and awesomeness.



Tiny Dancer by Elthon John
Two-Pound Relationship by Foc Fashion
Middle by DJ Snake
Work by Fifth Harmony
Balikbayan Box by Eraserheads


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