I Wanna Kiss You

...but if I do then I might miss you, babe. -Lady Gaga


HO-HO-HO! 18 more days to go until Christmas! 

The best thing about Christmas (aside from receiving/giving presents) is that we get to have those family reunions-- and even though we sort of hate the other relatives that we have, we're like "Meh" 'cause it's the season to be jolly kind of shiz so whatever. Falalalalalalalala~ 

And hey- I'll be spending my Christmas in Leyte...

...and New Year, too!


Let me just share this awesome passage I found while derping and using my workplace's internet:

"You cannot change the world. I thought I could. But what you truly have power over is, Yourself. Make the change in yourself first that you want to see in the world. Because darling, the whole world isn’t against you. Life isn’t against you. Because life has always been here before your existence and life will always be here after. If you constantly feel bad things are happening to you and NOTHING good is ever happening. You need to take a breath. And look into yourself. Find what’s missing. Find what you need. And make the change. It’s not easy. It never is. But if and when you truly know yourself that’s what you start changing. It takes time. The best things in life take time. But wanting to make the change is the first step. Peace, love, happiness all the things we constantly look for outside we need to find them internally. It’s all within us. We are the answer."

Author unknown.

I don't think a lot of people realize how much power we have to guide this universe's fate. I mean, we seem to be some small teeny-tiny dot in the galaxy but we actually have control over a bunch of things that matter to us- we have control over our life. We can't change people but we can influence them to be something better for themselves (or worse, I hope you're not doing that though). We can't change things or situations but we can have a different way of seeing and handling it. We can't change nature; we have no control over it. No one does. But we have control over our own actions. We can't change the past; we can't forget it. You can try but it will be there forever. The past is your life. It's what makes you You.

So don't go blaming the world/ your past/ other people for what your life is right now. You can be angry and sad all you want but whining isn't going to make any difference no matter how hard you convince yourself that "life" is miserable.




Ain't It Fun by Paramore
Smells Like Teen Spirit  by Nirvana
Mamma Mia by ABBA (hahahahahaha)
Zombie by Jamie T
Love Yourself by Justin Bieber


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