Sembreak/Break Ups

"It's over!" depends on how you read it.


But then again, lovers, nothing is really over.
Unless you insist it to be.
So good luck!


*insert My Chemical Romance's last album*
*insert Chinese food*
*insert my awesome dance moves*

I'm thankful breaks exist. 

What ever would we do without a break? 
A break from the semester. 
A break from work.
A break from a rap song.
A break from a shitty relationship.

Without it, we get stuck in the quicksand of our thought. We lose ourselves in the vertigo of stress. And when we do, we dissolve and become nothing but a body without a human soul.

Breaks gives us a time to relax.
To think.
To look back and reflect what the fvck have we been doing with our life in the last few hours.

Because we can't always go on and go on forever. We need a pit stop. Our brains get hot and need rewiring and twerking (not the Miley kind-of twerk). We don't want to get too much heat and blow up.

I'm thankful for sembreaks.
I'm thankful for 15 mins at work where I can socialize.
I'm thankful for the chorus after Eminem's songs.
I'm thankful I insisted and that we're over.

Me right now



Break It Down Again by Tears for Fears
Breakthru by Queen (Fun fact: this is my favorite song)
Potential Break-Up Song by Aly and AJ
The Takes Over, The Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy
21st Century Breakdown by Green Day


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