Weekend Kreativity

*insert beat of festival drums*
The Sinulog Foundation organized an event for film enthusiasts last weekend. They actually conduct the Sinulog Film Festival annually and luckily for me, I got the chance to literally attend the awards night last Saturday! The event started from 10am until 10pm that night. The categories were photography, music videos, documentaries and short films. It was a chance for me and other filmmakers to trade ideas and to get inspiration from one artist to the next.

The reason why I was there was because my awesome ex-classmates from Leyte Normal University were one of the finalists for the category on Best Documentary. Amazing, huh? Uh-huh. And if you think that's still not fascinating enough to wow you, what if I tell you they were nominated for Best Story and won Best Narration? Because they did. They effin' did. And I'm completely totally seriously proud of them right now.

Me with these awesome people: April, El Jan,, Yssa (!) and Jeff.

Jeff Maraviles, everybody.

Photography winners.

Documentary and Short Film winners

Winner for Best Short Film, Ara Chawdhury.

Yssa and Me


I miss this bitch.
I didn't know who the other winners were but what I'll tell you who actually left a flick of inspiration to my brain:

Combo Lata by Poh 2 won Best Music Video. It was about children playing drums from cans and other junk.

Rolando Pascua. I researched about him and he's actually a wedding photographer. He won Best Documentary for his enrty Dare to Live which is about children diagnosed with cancer. His work also won a lot of categories like Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Packaging, Best Cinematograph, Best Sound Engineering and Best Poster. Siya na.

Ara Chawdhury's Operation Prutas won best Short Film. It was about miracles and it was pretty much comical unlike other entries that made me cry. Another entry which was comical was Kab-ot by Davinci Maru which was about two lovers who have different beliefs. Tear-jerking films that really hit my soft spot were Pahiyom Alang kay Evelyn by Chloe Velasco which was inspired by the creator's true story and Pag Pauli by I forgot. Darn. That was really sad. It was a woman who had Alzheimer's.

It's such a shame I can't remember all of the works. Every piece was brilliant, believe me. I was sitting next to Yssa and I was really happy she was so emotional too. Haha.

Other than my friends being one of the finalists, I'm also thankful I was there to witness the event. I was inspired by all of the film I watched. I hope someday I'll be one of those directors who can bring inspiration to young filmmakers.



I had a great weekend with Yssa and April.

They stayed at my place..

I needed that kind of weekend. It's been a long time since I actually had fun. Despite of me not having enough sleep, my dayoff was worth it :)


Call It Fate, Call It Karma by The Strokes
Geronimo by Sheppard
Hit Me With Your Best Shot!/One Way or Another by Glee Cast
Problems by Ariana Grande
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus (haha)


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