So the day came for our show. :D


Dear Ryan,

Me and the other Akalaers witnessed a lot of problems that made us think that our play was gonna be a disaster. Imagine, 4 days of rehearsals and those days doesn't even come with complete groupmates! :P Oh the joy. But... Akalaers never give up! Right guys? 

*insert their response*

That morning, we were just finishing our props XD

I was doing the audio stuff.

Akalaers finishing Tindahan ni Aling Nena

Look who came to see the play? :D Our ex-course mates but still family :)

Katrina :)

and dear ol' Jose :DD
Jose helped us with the lights and he broke the spotlight.
No harm done, Jose. We still love you XD

My co-director at her best, Yssa.

Me. Yes, me.
We were kinda nervous because the school's tech crew permitted us to do the play in the morning. We were like... what the---

I mean, that would be weird.
Lights won't play and our transitions would be awkward. XD They would see us! Plus, there would be no audience X))

Sir Jun seemed so nice that day that he let us do it at 5:30pm!

*insert angels singing Hallelujah* 

So~ tada! Here's a short version of our play! HAHA

Leo: Excuse me? Pwede? Uupo ako?
Saturn: Anu? Tinawag mo akong baboy?
Gabby: Is that pig talking to me?!

Andrei: Loko 'to ah!
Cho: Pare, huwag! Relax ka lang.

Cho: Pasensya na, ha? Kaibigan ko kasi, medyo badtrip.

The battle between Andrei and Leo
Followed by a dance number. Easy Ka Lang by Eheads.
At Principal Katigbak's office

Principal: This is the fourth tine you visited my office today, Mr. Andrei Bonifacio!
Friendship starts.

Tindahan ni Aling Nena

Pop Machine

Pop Machine

Jesse: Peklat ka sa puso ko.

Leonor: Ikaw talaga!

With A Smile

Leonor: O! May pasa ka! Masakit ba?

Prof. Simoun: Okay class! Who among you here knows how to dance? Like this..
Cho: Sayaw ba 'yan? Parang taong pinupurga? 

New classmate: Marie Claire

Happiness overload. Drunk friends.


A jealous Cho and Gabby

Photobomb! Haha. This is Irish, one of our choreos :)

Andrei flirting with MC

Leo performing a harana for MC

I think Leo won MC's heart.

Oh, wait.. Jesse?!


Leonor. Mad. 
Leonor. Sad. XD
Huwag Mo Nang Itanong Sa Akin

Another not-so-serious dance number
Leo: Leonor! Bakit ka umiiyak?

Tahan na.
Jesse: Bumabawi ka ba sa'kin?! Sa lalaking 'to?!


And revelation. Andrei's gay. XD

And he's gonna say it to Cho. 
Cho thinks Andrei's gonna say that he loves her XD
Poor Cho.

Jesse: Pwede bang humingi ng isang pagkakataon?

Awwwwww <3
Leonor and MC are friends now.
Prof. Simoun asks Principal Katigbak's hand in marriage.

Principal: IT'S A BOY!
And that's it. The long version is better, though.

Let me just say that I'm so thankful we have the best cast and crew :DD I love them so much! :))


Jesse Rizal           - Job Kasten Saliente
Leonor Rivera      - the EVER beautiful Aries Portia Junto
Leo Aguinaldo      - Jeffrey Maraviles
Maria Claire          - Lalaine Badilla
Andrei Bonifacio   - Jessan Buenafe
Cho Aquino          - Irish Jane Hurley
Saturn Rizal          - Maureen Paciencia
Gabby Silang        - Shaira Mae Cañon
Julie                     - Regie Mae Dublas
Principal Katigbak - Fatima Morabor
Prof. Simoun        - Felipe Cortavista, Jr.
Aling Nena            - Mary Rose Robitas


Choreographers:  Irish Alonzo
                          Ma. Deniza Palma
                          Mary Grace Gereña

Props, Costume and Make-up: Riona Marie Magbutay
Lights: Apple Joyce Aralan

Stage Manager and Co- director:                  Elyssa Eve Acosta
Sound Manager, Scriptwriter and Director:   Kyla Estoya

Congratulations, Akalaers! :** I will miss this group.
I'm keeping the tarpaulin, btw. Dibs.



Thank you, Eheads for the songs :D
Victory pic with Yssa XD


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