I'm Right!

Dear human,

A few days ago, I've been wondering.... what is wrong with me? XD 


A photo I sketched earlier. XD

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand.. well, nothing's wrong with me. (I'm so sorry for that news...) 

I discovered that I'm a right brain dominant~ 

*insert gasp*

which explains why I do the following things:

1.) I need images to help me learn. Maybe that's why I hate it when I'm sitting at the back of the classroom. I NEED TO SEE THE TEACHER because everything he says will be associated to what he did. So.. the only way to recall what my teacher said is to recall what he did. Weird, right? Plus, I'm only good in remembering whenever I have a picture or an experience to complement it. 

2.) People don't always get me. I'm usually misunderstood. Right brains like me say one thing then a sudden shift of the brain to the left happens because the left thinks the right is wrong. This results to confusion so I end up saying something that will destroy what I just said earlier. Curse myself. 

*insert fake laugh*

4.) I have a messy desk and defend it by calling it 'a work of art'. First of all, IT IS art. It is a masterpiece that---- ah, forget it. I just need colors. Everywhere! I pile things up because somehow I think everything is better that way. Other places may be neat but not my desk. No. This is a different level of being a control freak.

5.) My hands are my mouth. Please... I beg you. Let me talk with my hand gestures! I swear to God, I can't say what I wanna say if you tell me to behave. *sniff sniff*

6.) I juggle everything. I don't have a checklist on what to do first. I do them all together. If I have time for one thing, I won't waste it. Like, right now... I'm currently writing an email for a friend while blogging. And you wanna know the best part of this? I do it well. The results are promising. 

7.) I trust too much. TOO MUCH. Especially on ideas. I tell someone my idea and this someone (usually a left brain) steals it. Left brains know what to do with ideas but they don't know how to make them. I don't know who said that... I forgot. 

8.) I have trouble remembering names. Which explains *looks at # 7* I will remember what dress you were wearing, what your hair looked like, what we talked about... EVERYTHING.. except your name.

9.) I have good intuitions. Remember that math test I took? The one where I got a very high score? Yeah, that. I have no idea how I did that. Seriously. Maybe I have magic guts and they somehow channel me to the right things. I usually know what to do. Left brains weigh their options but right brains do what they think is right. And they usually win. 

10.) I think everything is beautiful. Happiness and sorrow, life and death, good and evil... everything. No, I'm not a hippie I just think creatively. Everything I see is a work of art. I love music (especially rock n roll) and I can study while listening to it or when watching television.

Did I just say that? O.o 
Geez, I'm so unpredictable.

Other characteristics of a right brain dominant are:

- Likes writing fiction stories.
- A daydreamer and has a very good imagination
- Enjoys drawing and painting
- Likes organizing things to show relation (I do this to my files xD)
- Often absentminded because their so busy with the fantasy world
- Prefer to learn by experience and free exploration
- Good problem solvers
- Has an very good sense of humor
- Philosophical
- Enjoys asking questions

Any of those you?

(Credits to AngleFire.com)

In the end, we use both sides of the brain. The goal here is to balance it. You may have a hard time doing it but... start with baby steps. :))

So... which side of the brain dominates you? :D I suggest you take a TEST and when you learn the results, use your strengths and improve your weaknesses so that you'll become a better you. 



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