Dear Mom,

I think it's not fair to celebrate your extreme awesomeness in one day. I mean, I could say ' I love you' to you every other day and night but that won't actually show how much I really LOVE you.
You are the best. And by the best, I mean the best! Aside from cleaning the house (hehehe) you have a lot more talent than you think:

1.) A gourmet chef

You are the only one that can make a regular omelet taste like it came from a heaven and magically fell on our plate.

2.) Comedian

Okay, sometimes the jokes you say is a little corny, but I think that's the reason why we find it funny. The way you laugh makes us smile, Mom. The world feels better that way.

3.) Fashion Adviser

Yes we admit it. We kind of love the way you dictate us on what to wear. You're the only one that knows if we need to tuck this shirt or what kind of shoes to wear to that party or if that dress makes us look fat. Plus, even if we feel like we look like the next feature of 'Worst Dressed', the compliments coming from you is enough to complete our day.

4.) Nutritionist
You're the only one that can make a MILLION reasons why we shouldn't eat that buttery piece of cake on the fridge or drink that soda Dad left for me. THANK YOU for keeping track of our health (and our figure). We owe you.

5.) Preacher 
This is a compliment. We may act (sometimes) that we're annoyed but it's nice of you to remind us that we have a lot more to learn in this life of ours and to know  that you actually care about us. Don't stop this, okay?

 Those were just some of the things that deserves a big round of applause, but there's a lot more. One thing is for sure though, we love you, Mom. You are an irreplaceable gift. A blessing. Simply the greatest!!! SO....

yet you're awesomeness is worth celebrating EVERYDAY! :D



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